Saving while on a Vacation

We generally save for holidays right and spend there. What if we go the other way round, that is save while holidaying. Does not sound exciting? However it is not about missing the enjoyment. Friends just read on to discover how easily you can save money and enjoy more in the process while on a vacation.

Saving while on a Vacation

  • Plan ahead and rent an apartment – A hotel is not only expensive but sometimes irritating. You have to face the ever snooping cameras. You cannot have a private moment without the fear. Rented apartments give freedom, privacy and save you some dollars as well.
  • Cook at home more – Try the local cuisine, but do not eat out daily. It will really play havoc on your digestive system. Rather cook your own meals. Renting a house/apartment helps in this regards. There is a kitchen with all equipments. Save the cash, enjoy and be healthy.
  • Do not buy packaged drinking water – Drinking water from after buying has become the norm nowadays. Use the water purifier and carry a metal water bottle. Plastic is not good for carrying or drinking water. If one person does this it saves 100 trees a year. DO this for the environment and the savings are a bonus for you.
  • Use Public transport – Hiring a taxi is the easy way. But you will miss the culture of the place. The cost is also around one – fifth of taxi. So enjoy the socializing and the savings.
  • Saving via apps – Last time I was booking the flight I used a download and get discount option on an app on app store. It is done for promotion, so reap the benefits.

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