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More places to save money

In the last post we learnt how we can save money on electric bills and grocery. Today I am going to tell you about more places where you can save money as promised earlier.

Saving at the Banks

Saving at Banks

Yes you heard correct you can save at the banks if you pay attention to a few details.

  • Avoid bouncing checksBounced checks cost much money. If you can avoid that is your saving. A penny saved is a penny earned right.
  • Use home ATM’s – We invariably use the nearest ATM. Only a little bit of effort to find the ATM of our own bank can save up to $5 per withdrawal. It is a fact most people ignore, and it adds to the saving. Is it not?
  • Making Card payments on time – This is very crucial to save you the penalty that credit card companies earn every time you are late on your payment. So, make a note of payment dates and pay on time to save on the penalty.

Savings on Entertainment and Leisure

Entertainment and Leisure

There are lots to save on entertainment and leisure. It will be places where you never noticed.

  • Unseen TV channels – Most of the times you are paying for channels you never watched and will never ever watch. This is wasted expense. Now you can choose and pick every channel. So, save on the things you never benefit from. Lack of knowledge is the reason.
  • Use Library and Kindle – Many of us will like to read and will buy books. Rather we can join a local library and read. It will add to your savings and you will have the extra benefit of meeting people there. Another very exciting resource is Kindle. Even if you want to buy books the Kindle version is much cheaper.

Places to save Money

In these days of instability, saving is what will save you. Here are a few places where you can cut down on expenses and add up your savings.

Save on Grocery

Save on Grocery
Save on Grocery

You tend to buy more at a supermarket than what you need. Do not blame the display.

  • Rather be disciplined, and always carry a list. Doing this you will stick to your budget.
  • Buy grocery with cash instead of card. You will limit the expenses and increase the savings.
  • Always buy in bulk. You will get better deals and you will save money also.
  • Eat before shopping, and you will spend less on ready to eat stuff. This is all about the drive, a hungry person will spend more on food.

Save Money on Electricity

Save on Electric Bill
Save on Electric Bill

Electricity is a scarce resource. You should always try to save it. It is also good for the environment and for your wallet.

  • Always buy energy-efficient appliance. The new technology has increased the efficiency of the appliances and also it saves energy. It will also keep your electric bill down.
  • Turn off fans and lights regularly, and keep an eye on waste. This is a simple truck to save up to $200 per month on your electric bills.
  • Draw curtains when the sun is up. It will keep the heat out and you will save because of less use of the air conditioner.
  • Also you can save electricity in the winters by shutting off the room heater. Rather, put on warm clothes in the house. IT will save lots of dollars.

More tips on places to save money in the next blog.