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More places to save money

In the last post we learnt how we can save money on electric bills and grocery. Today I am going to tell you about more places where you can save money as promised earlier.

Saving at the Banks

Saving at Banks

Yes you heard correct you can save at the banks if you pay attention to a few details.

  • Avoid bouncing checksBounced checks cost much money. If you can avoid that is your saving. A penny saved is a penny earned right.
  • Use home ATM’s – We invariably use the nearest ATM. Only a little bit of effort to find the ATM of our own bank can save up to $5 per withdrawal. It is a fact most people ignore, and it adds to the saving. Is it not?
  • Making Card payments on time – This is very crucial to save you the penalty that credit card companies earn every time you are late on your payment. So, make a note of payment dates and pay on time to save on the penalty.

Savings on Entertainment and Leisure

Entertainment and Leisure

There are lots to save on entertainment and leisure. It will be places where you never noticed.

  • Unseen TV channels – Most of the times you are paying for channels you never watched and will never ever watch. This is wasted expense. Now you can choose and pick every channel. So, save on the things you never benefit from. Lack of knowledge is the reason.
  • Use Library and Kindle – Many of us will like to read and will buy books. Rather we can join a local library and read. It will add to your savings and you will have the extra benefit of meeting people there. Another very exciting resource is Kindle. Even if you want to buy books the Kindle version is much cheaper.

10 Simple Saving Tips on How to save money on Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of the many things we do not pay attention to while spending.Here are certain tips to save on insurance for your car.

Car Insurance

  1. Generally people choose to pay monthly insurance premium. However it only appears cheaper and you are actually paying interest up to 24% which will add to the cost. Hence pay lump sum to reduce cost upfront.
  2.  Check insurance coverage every six months, to see the coverage required. Coverage which is not required may be dropped. For example the coverage required for a learning driver is different from a skilled driver. Also moving to a new area where coverage may change due to local legislations.
  3. Search for discounts when renewing using comparison on the internet. Sticking to the old insurer means on losing discounts. Generally it is found that insurance companies offer discounts for acquiring new customers. Also ask your agent about potential cost savings. The agents are better equipped to offer different kind of packages.
  4. Claim insurance on bigger sums, and less frequently. This helps in keeping the premium low. Learning to drive safely helps in this case.
  5. Good credit scores can help to reduce the insurance premium as well.
  6.  Always install anti-theft devices and tracking devices in your vehicle. This can result in additional discounts.
  7. The most important thing is to not let your current insurance lapse. It increases the cost of insurance.
  8. One more tip…tries to bundle home, life and car insurance from the same service provider. This can help to save on all three.
  9. Driving history and habits of the driver also influences the amount of premium. Learn about good habits which will keep your history good.
  10. Government employees or current or ex military employees may get additional discounts on premium.

Is couponing worth the effort?

First things first, there is a difference between looking for coupons to save some money and being an extreme couponer. The latter are the ones that end up at the supermarket with a huge wad of coupons that will certainly drive the cashier mad. The former will probably just end up saving on the delivery costs of that book they have ordered online. The former can also help you save quite some money in the long run.

There are a number of websites that offer coupon codes. In fact, the website that you are shopping from itself might have a number of discount coupons. This is why it is a smart idea for you to sign up for an account with the websites you shop from the most. They will send you details of special offers and coupons so you can save money on shopping.

Save Money Through Couponing

There are several other websites on the internet that offer discount coupons as well. Some of them have a month- long validity, so even if you don’t need the coupon right now, you can just download it and keep it. You might end up needing it later on. As long as you make sure you use it before the expiry date, you will be fine.

So, by all means, do look for coupons before you shop. You can buy yourself something amazing with all the money you will end up saving by the end of the year!